We won the Additions/Alterations/Renovations’ category at the MBA Excellence Awards 2020!


We WON an industry award!! And we are so over the moon (to say the least)!

The day started with the boys dropping off a truck and trailer to our sign writer, who worked on some additional signage for the vehicles. Joel loves to take care of our vehicles, and is always ensuring they are clean, organised & look good.

The girls, Hayley and Rachel ticked off some work as usual on a Thursday morning at our Mona Vale office (Beaches Coworking). We had quite a bit to do, to finish off our day early, in preparation for the ‘virtual’ awards afternoon.

Once the boys had dropped the vehicles off, they then headed into Glebe to a workshop, hosted by the MBA (Master Builders Association) whom we are members of. There were about 15 people attending, 4 of which were our team members.

The workshop was called Suicide Prevention Gatekeeper Training, where the boys discussed all things mental health, and importantly, how to communicate to someone who may be at risk of suicide. It was a heavier note to start the day on, but something we believe is very important in society today, and particularly something that affects many men in the construction industry. It was great to be a part of, and we are so lucky to be involved in an industry association who take this seriously. The key learnings:
  • Be more of a listener and identify when people are reaching out
  • Look for the cues, because people give you invitations to the way they are feeling, and unless you can read this, you may not be able to help that person
  • If you cannot help someone, make sure you connect them to someone who can! There are many ways such as Lifeline, or even your local GP.
Above all, the greatest lesson learnt was that we should all listen more! It is an important like skill, whether it is to your staff, your colleagues, or even your partner. The day was a great personal development for us all.

Because the workshop was in Glebe, we decided that it would be best to try watch the virtual awards hosted by the MBA somewhere local. Hayley booked us into The Nags Head Hotel, where we had a great lunch, played some pre-awards trivia (which even included some last-minute construction quizzing by Joel), and this was in our own private room – which was handy! We set up the TV, ready to watch the virtual awards starting at 3pm.

So as we sat and waited for our category to be called, we watched all the amazing winning projects pass by. We were nervous, and excited at the same time. Before we knew it, our category of House Additions/Alterations/Renovations was up! We waited impatiently to hear who they would name winners of the $800-900k, getting even more nervous – until we hear….

B – T – M .. and we were WINNERS!! We won for our Glenhaven project, The Grand Entertainer!

2 AFTER - BTMGlenhaven-KellenBush-135

We cannot be more proud of our awesome team, architects, designers, subbies and everyone who has supported us!


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