What is Complying Development?

Complying Development, also known as CDC approval, is a fast-track approval process that is legislated by the NSW government, which sits above the local council rules.

It combines the planning and construction approval, which would otherwise be two steps for a Development Application (DA). 

According to the NSW Department of Planning and Environment, CDC approvals can be issued in as little as 20 days. On the other hand, the average determination time for a development application in NSW is 70 days.

We help homeowners through the CDC or DA process for their new build, or renovations in the upper north shore.

You can find out more about Complying Development here .

Watch the video below about building made easy with complying development (Video Source: https://www.planning.nsw.gov.au/complyingdevelopment 26/05/2022)

Obtaining a CDC

It is important to understand if your project scope is CDC compliant.

To obtain a Complying Development Certificate, a Certifier is engaged.

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