5 Ways To Add Value To Your Home Build

It’s important to consider ways in which you can add value to your home when renovating or building a new one.

Here’s our 5 top tips on how you can maximise value:

1. Add Bedrooms

An important attribute to a high value home is the number of bedrooms it consists of. Think about how you can incorporate additional bedrooms into the design. A bonus is to add a ground floor bedroom, for elderly or guests, or one that can work alternatively as a study. Consider 4 to 5 bedrooms in your build.

2. Consider Outdoor Entertaining

The Australian way of life! It is an essential item on the list for home buyers as they imagine their summer nights hosting dinner parties. Ensure there is a covered area, preferably easily accessible from the home.

3. Add a Garage or Car Space

Whilst it is not essential, it does add value to a property. Even if it is just the one enclosed garage, and a carport, it is worth considering into your design.

4. Add Storage

Don’t forget the linen, the bikes, toys, twenty different sized cooking pots, the gym weights, the kitchen aid and the Christmas wrapping paper! The list goes on when talking about storing items that we accumulate over the years, and no one ever complains about too much storage. Add lots of it!

5. Create an Established Garden

Plant early and irrigate! But keep it simple. Gone are the days of plotting around the garden days on end. We are busy professionals these days, and a messy looking garden, or one requiring a lot of maintenance won’t be appealing. Don’t forget the landscaping, and external lighting. It can really make a huge difference to your homes appeal.

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