How To Manage Current Construction Industry Delays

If you’ve been thinking of renovating, building a new home or have recently started, you would know about the current construction industry delays in regard to supplies and selections. The delays are due to several factors, including the COVID-19 pandemic, which has disrupted production and shipping schedules worldwide.

Supply chain delays tend to have a ripple effect, causing backlogs of orders, increased cost of goods and transportation and shipping delays. Couple this with the increased cost of living and extended construction schedules, as a renovator or home builder, you’d be wondering if now is a good time to build?

We’ve been in the building industry on Sydney’s Upper Northshore for quite some time, and we know there is no time that’s better than any other. It’s all in how you manage your build, selections, and expectations.

Here are 5 tips to help you face the challenge of time delays in construction:

If you have your heart set on a particular product, then you may face the only option of waiting for that product, if by chance it is not in stock. We are seeing items such as stone supply having some hold up, so the more flexible you are, the quicker you are going to be able to get your home renovation or new build complete.

Ask your builder or architect for a checklist of decisions you will need to make and start ticking them off! Paint colour selections, basins, tapware, tiles, and door handles to name a few. Get these out of the way early, and if feasible, start getting them to site or somewhere safe to store – as advised by your builder. Making paint colour selections and so on will mean your builder has all the information ready when needed, with no waiting around.

To ensure the project has its best chance of hitting its timeline goal, your builder should have a forecasted schedule for each and every project. This will indicate when each trade is scheduled to complete particular tasks, along with many other key milestones of your build. Without a plan, we plan to fail. It is important to understand that external factors can impact this schedule, such as weather, so there does need to be room to move.

Everyone knows by now that the construction industry is in high demand, and there are some significant delays due to labour shortage and supply issues. It is important to be realistic about the timeline of your project. Talk to your builder about the schedule, and the likelihood of this being achieved. It might be a better idea to extend your accommodation beyond the handover date, as external factors can always impact your project’s schedule.

You might not know, but planning for a build can take months, if not years! Whether you do or don’t have approved, ready to build plans, aim to engage your builder at least 3 months before construction. This will help to ensure long delay items and contractors such as windows and roofers, can be booked in advance, to not hold up the project once it is kicked off.

No matter the economic environment, there are always homeowners out there looking to renovate or build their dream home! If that’s you, ensure you give the project and your builder the best shot by taking the tips above on board. In return your builder should be there to help you through the challenges along the journey.

Best of luck!

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