8 Questions To Ask Your Builder

There are many decisions to consider on your journey to building your dream home. One of the biggest is choosing the right architectural builder. Before
making any decisions, its important you ask potential builders any questions you may have. We’ve put together a list of some of the key questions that you
should ask your potential builder to ensure you’re choosing the right one for you.

1. What is your building contractor licence number?

Builders require to be licenced to take on building work, just like other tradespersons. A builder’s licence however needs to be maintained by CPD points (continuing professional development) each year. No matter what type of work you are engaged a contractor for, you should be certain they have a valid licence for the type of work they are undertaking.

2. Can I have a list of references from your previous clients?

It’s important to do your homework and read reviews and feedback from your chosen builders’ previous clients. Try and find clients that may have similar builds to what you have in mind.

3. Do you have a project management software?

There are so many aspects to designing and building a home, you want to ensure that your builder and project manager have a clear plan and schedule of works that you can follow along with. The BTM team use BuilderTrend, which allows our clients access to their own portal to see updates on the progress of their build and upcoming tasks.

4. Will you provide me with progress updates on my project along the way?

Building a home is a partnership between yourself and your builder. It’s a relationship you want to ensure is close and open. All our clients are invited to multiple site inspections throughout the build process and are welcome to meet with us at any time.

5. How much deposit do you require on contract sign?

It’s important to understand your upfront costs. Many large building companies may require a 5-10% deposit upon signing your contact. A maximum amount of 10% is allowable.

6. What insurances do you have in place?

In the event something goes wrong or there were unforeseen challenges during the build, you want to ensure you are covered for any possible out of pocket expenses, or possible incidences that may arise.

7. What is your handover process?

Getting your keys and seeing the finished product is the most exciting and rewarding part of our job. At BTM we collate a personalised handover flash drive, with relevant documentation to your build which is presented to you, with a practical completion statement to be signed by both parties. After this your defects liability period will commence. During the 13 weeks defects liability period, we will attend to items that arose, if any, during the handover meeting. An interim or final occupation certificate will be required for you to move into your new home. Our office manager will continue to assist you to obtain this, along with closing your home warranty insurance.

8. Do we have to pay for a quote?

Paying for a quote is not uncommon, in order to achieve a custom quote for a custom renovation or new build. There is significant time involved in developing a cost, scope, discussing with subcontractors, interpreting plans including engineering, and so on. Rather than providing a square meter rate, to average the cost, and then look at varying the contract later on, at BTM we charge for quotes to nut out all of the detail prior to commencing work. This avoids any issues down the track with details that were unknown prior, for example selections that were not made that can change the costing because the detail wasn’t expected (e.g. herringbone vs. straight lay tiles or flooring).

We will walk your through the entire process from start-to-finish in-person and answer any questions you may have. We’ll also cover off all of the questions in the list above, so when you leave our office, you’ll have a clear and confident understanding of the process. If you’re looking to build in Sydney’s north shore, it’s time to get in contact with us.

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