5 reasons to choose a Custom Home Builder

Why choose a pre-designed home when you can design exactly what you need? Here’s why you should opt for a local design and construct firm:

Personalised service

Custom builders work closely with a select number of clients, fostering strong relationships and providing dedicated attention, unlike volume builders who have a larger client base. We’re proud of the relationships we form with our clients. We have many who have stayed friends over the years.

It’s uniquely yours

A custom build ensures a one-of-a-kind home, unlike pre-designed homes that are regularly built and have a very similar look and feel. Custom builds allow complete design freedom, while pre-designed homes offer limited customisation options. Long term, a custom design can add value to your home with it’s unique offerings, layout and additions.

Quality assurance

Custom builders like BTM prioritise quality in everything we do, especially in our finished. We’re a small team who are across all aspects of your project. We have extensive local knowledge of the Ku-ring-gai Shire council building regulations resulting in custom designs suited to the areas unique landscape, typically faster approval process times and exceptional standards and finishes.

Cost transparency

While pre-designed homes may seem cheaper initially, additional modifications and customisations can quickly increase costs. At BTM we provide detailed quotations covering all expenses from the initial planning stages through to the end of your build. This ensures complete transparency and working within your budget.

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What’s different about our approach?

We don’t believe the architect should come before the builder – quite often we see architectural plans for a home that may look amazing but cannot be constricted with the clients budget. Or we see people who have chosen a pre-design home within their budget but cannot afford or are unable to customise the plan to suit their specific needs.

We believe the answer to this is build a custom home with a design and construct firm. Why? because we offer a cohesive process between the homeowner, architect and builder. Our builders and architects work together to assess things such as availability of materials, construction methods, site limitations, and site planning. This process is called ‘Value Engineering’ and is extremely crucial to eliminate unwanted costs from the beginning of the planning process, while improving the functionality and quality of the build.

Overall our clients can design the home they dream of, work with the same team from beginning to end and be as involved or as hands off as they would like throughout the entire process. Our client centred approach, design and build process and attention to budget and detail cannot be achieved elsewhere.

If you’d like to discuss your design and build requirements, we’d love to hear from you.

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