Why an off-the-plan home is not always the right fit

Sydney’s Upper North Shore has a unique landscape. We’re blessed to be surrounded by wonderful bushland, great views and live within a bustling city while also being nestled in a quiet suburbia.

With the unique landscape of the North Shore, and more specifically the Ku-ring-gai Shire, comes the need to consider the landscape when building or renovating your home.

A common ‘North-shore’ problem

We’ve encountered clients over the years who have originally looked at building an ‘off-the-plan’ or ‘turnkey’ home, choosing the solution under the belief that it is a more affordable and easier home building experience than going down the custom home design and build route.  

What makes our North Shore landscape unique can also mean ‘cookie-cutter’ homes, don’t always work. Their design tends to be for flat blocks, and often their layouts don’t fit the uniquely shaped, often sloping, or obstructed land the Ku-ring-gai Shire tends to have.

Even the best laid plans can come unstuck during the DA approval process – land is not allowed to be levelled or trees or rockery cannot be removed. Our bushland shire is so unique our council has the duty to try and preserve what flora and fauna we have. Therefore, we’ve encountered clients who have thought the ‘off the plan’ approach would be possible, but were instead knocked back due to the property characteristics. 


The solution?

Do we need to say it? A custom design. For the most part, when designing a custom renovation or new build, if your builder and architect work together from the start, you can stick closer to your budget and create a home unique to your needs and desires. 

It’s why we offer a complete service for our clients. We understand the appeal of what is considered an ‘affordable’ option with off-the-plan homes, although after years in the industry and working within the Ku-ring-gai Shire, we know the DA approval process well, understand the unique landscape, and design and build homes that meet our client’s needs.

Not only do you have a personalised design service for your home, but our builders will be there during this process to suggest materials and cost-effective measures to ensure design and function meet your needs and budget. Our unique approach means you can understand your build costs well before construction begins.  


The benefits?

Aside from being a more seamless and personalised experience for our clients, choosing a custom home renovation or new build has other perks too. The added value of a unique home, designed to suit your block of land is becoming increasingly desirable in the home market with more and more off-the-plan or ‘similar’ looking homes being constructed. 

What we’ve found with many off-the-plan homes is they do look great and function well, but they tend to not offer a range of options for customisation. Often, it’s the unique qualities or characteristics that add the value and homeliness to a house that many buyers look for.

Another benefit is the team you get to work with … us! We’re a family and we treat you as part of it. Your home is our home and after being in this industry long-enough, we know that quality craftsmanship, communication, and client satisfaction are key to a quality build. It’s why many of our projects have won awards and many of our clients recommend us or re-hire us for more projects.

Whether you’re still investigating if a renovation, addition or knock-down rebuild is your best choice, or if you’re beginning to look at quotes, we’d love to discuss your ideas for your home.

We may just be able to create something you never could have dreamed of!


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